Thursday, May 14, 2015

More on NERDY Numbers

More on NERDY Numbers:
I took some heat about using the word "NERDY".  
I am a Nerd and I'm proud of it.  Geeks are a different story.  My understanding of the difference between a Nerd and a Geek has to do with expertise.  A Nerd know his/her stuff.  They are experts.  They have skills.  Geeks however are not experts.  They like to talk like a Nerd, but you can always tell the difference when you listen to what they are saying.  So I don't think the term "Nerd" is an insult in any way.
I reserve the right to call this category of number by any name I please.  There is a law in math and science that discoveries are never named after the people that discovered them.  I forget the name of the law, but remember - the person they named it after did not discover this law.  I did not discover this class of numbers.  I did not find any name for them in my research.  So I reserve the right to call them "Mr. B's Super-Dupper-Fantiscic, Magically Mystical and Wonderfully Mathematically Sequence Numbers".  Unfortunately, this name has not caught on, but I think "NERDY numbers" will. 

Today I want to share some special NERDY number that do more than just count or multiply.  These numbers produce sequences that we have names for: Like the “Fibonacci Sequence”, and a few other Fibonacci like sequences including my daughter’s favorite – the “Tridecanacci Sequence”.
I am having some difficulties copying some tables to my blog.  Please be patient while I consult my book of mathematical and computer technology prayers.

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