Friday, June 5, 2015

Brain'o Quiz #10

Mr. B’s “BRAIN-O” Quiz
Guaranteed to unclog clogged up brains!
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Directions: Carefully read and answer the following questions.  Print you answer clearly in the box next to each question.  Questions are worth one zillion nano bonus points each.  However, if you get all five correct, we will double the points for a total of ten zillion nano bonus points.

On a regular telephone, each letter of the alphabet, except two, are on a number.  Which two?  (Warning: this is not true for cellular phones.)


An eagle and an elephant each have two.  A tiger, a moose, a bear, a turtle, and a snake each only have one.  Humans, however, don’t have any.  What are we talking about?


Find the name of an animal hidden in the following sentence: “Mom says that we can go at six o’clock. But I don’t think we will be through by then.”


There are four everyday words in the English language that end in “vous.”  Two of them are “grievous” and “rendezvous.”  As a student, can you name the other two?


When you are riding your bicycle to school, what part of the front wheel is traveling the fastest: the center, bottom, top, front or back of the wheel?

Knowledge is created by the learner, not given by teacher.

- Chinese Proverb

WARNING: For Educational Purposes Only.
Please do not attempt to answer any of these questions
unless you are willing to learn something.

Answers will be posted on Monday.


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