Friday, November 27, 2015

Mr. B's Brain-O Quiz # 35


Mr. B’s “BRAIN-O” Quiz
Guaranteed to unclog clogged up brains!
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Directions: Carefully read and answer the following questions.  Print your answer clearly in the box next to each question.  Questions are worth one million nano bonus points each.  However, if you get all five correct, we will double the points for a total of ten million nano bonus points.

Write an expression that equals 100 using five 5's.


Write 18 as the sum of four consecutive integers.


A clock strikes the hour on the hour. It strikes twice on each half hour and once on each quarter hour. How many times does it strike in each 24-hour period?


In New York City and in Chicago you would find the same thing in the middle of every taxicab.  What is it?


A man went into a restaurant and ordered a plain cheeseburger with onion rings.  The waiter noticed that the man always picked up his cheeseburger with his right hand, but he always picked up his onion rings with his left hand.  The same thing happened the next day, right hand cheeseburger, left hand onion rings.  On the third day the waiter the waiter just had to ask, “Why do all policemen eat like that?”  How did the waiter know the man was a policeman?

No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.

- Voltaire

WARNING: For Educational Purposes Only.
Please do not attempt to answer any of these questions
unless you are willing to learn something.
Answers will be posted on Monday.


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