Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Math Related Christmas Songs


12,012,015 is the hypotenuse of a right triangle: 12012015^2 = 7207209^2 + 9609612^2.


If you haven't yet started gathering some festive songs to sing before you take your "Christmas Break" (you don't think they're really doing it for Isaac Newtons Birthday or just because it's winter - did you?) it's time to get on it.

Here are some web sites to check out:

Calculus Collapse (Winter Wonderland)--Jennifer Brevell

Calculus the Killer Math Course (Rudolph)--Russ Tilton

We Three Math'maticians (We Three Kings)--Clay Janca

We Three Students of Calculus (We Three Kings)--Edward Coles

Calculus Christmas Carol (Winter Wonderland)--Lisa Judkins

Calculus (Jingle Bells)--Ryan Barlow

Leibniz the Unknown Founder (Rudolph)--Jenna Hartmann

12 Days of Sir Isaac Newton

Samples from Math Horizon Magazine (This includes “Fill the Boards with Differentials” and “Oh Calculus, Oh Calculus”

http://www.calculus-help.com/calculus-carols/ (This includes “Riemann Sums”, “Derivatives, Derivatives”, and “Calculus Class”.

http://sites.csn.edu/gcohen/182/31_christmas.pdf “The Calculus Christmas Carol”

http://www.math.ucla.edu/~barnicle/carols.pdf (This includes: “Twas Just Before the Winter Break” ('Twas In The Moon Of Wintertime), “The First Derivative” (The First Noel), “We Three Dimensions (We Three Kings), “What Function Is This?” (What Child Is This), “Hark! The AP Proctors Sing (Hark, The Herald Angels Sing)”, “O Sum All Your Data” (O Come, All Ye Faithful), “O Little Open Interval (O Little Town of Bethlehem), “Look at the Board” (People, Look East), “All the Spivak I've Forgotten” (Of The Father's Love Begotten). “Joy to the Set” (Joy to the World), “Creator Alme Siderum” (Complex Analysis version), “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly” (Mathematical Logic version), “The Friendly Beasts (Abstract Algebra version), “The Gentzen and the Hilbert” (The Holly and the Ivy).

http://www.pleacher.com/mp/mpoetry/calcsng5.html  One song, “A Calculus Christmas Carol”, sung to the tune of Jingle Bells, and it’s a version I haven’t seen before.

http://homework.zendog.org/songsfall2004.html More calculus songs, and a few carols.  Worth checking out.

http://cchsindy.org/bird/Smart/Calc1/CalculusSongs01_17.pdf is a collection of Calculus songs, but not necessarily Carols.  Worth checking out.

http://shadowfaxrant.blogspot.com/2010/12/12-days-of-calculus-carols.html  This web site is hard to read (for us old folks) but it looks like you could copy the text and print it out in a much clearer form very easily.

https://sites.google.com/site/gdscalculuscarols/  Many interesting and original songs.


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