Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am taking the day off for Thanksgiving.  Well, I'm going to work and relax.

In the morning I am going to partake in the national sport of recreational mathematicians - fishing!  You may not be aware of this recent trend in recreation for recreational mathematics, but if you think about it and learn one secret you can easily understand why it has become so popular.  I get my pole and tackle box together and walk down to the lake and grab a spot on the end of the dock.  Then I take my pole, cut the hook off the line, and cast it out into the lake.  Now the people up at the house can see I am "fishing" so they don't come down to bother me, cuz they don't want to "scare the fish away".  And the fish don't bother me, cuz there is no hook or bait on the line.  In the mean time I can ponder mathematics, or work on my geometry or calculus problems.  I usually have a few dogs that interrupt me from time to time - but they know that there is only one thing more important than fishing and more important that pondering mathematics and that is scratching a dogs ears and rubbing his/her belly. It makes for a peaceful and enjoyable morning with nature.

In the afternoon I will be in charge of frying turkeys again this year - one or two for the table, and 4 or 5 for guests to take home.  No big problem cuz I like fried turkey, and I don't mind being out side of the house when the inside of the house gets crowded.  I wave and say hi to everyone as they come in.

Well, I guess there are many ways of celebrating Thanksgiving.  However you celebrate I hope that you have an enjoyable day

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