Friday, November 28, 2014

Mr. B's Brain-O Quiz Number 8

Mr. B’s “BRAIN-O” Quiz
Guaranteed to unclog clogged up brains!

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Directions: Carefully read and answer the following questions.  Print you answer clearly in the box next to each question.  Questions are worth one zillion nano bonus point each.  However, if you get all five correct, we will double the points for a total of ten zillion nano bonus points.


What letter is next in this series:
W, L, I, N, I, T, ...?


How can the letters in NOR DO WE be rearranged to form one word?


Using any combination of parentheses and the operation symbols +, -, x, and ÷), how can you arrange the numbers 6, 6, 6, 6, and 6 into a mathematical expression equal to 54?


Picture a map of the United States in your head.  Because of time zone changes, different places start a new date at different times.  You are standing on the piece of the United States that will enter the 22nd century first.  What state are you standing in?


The man who makes it doesn’t want it; the man who buys it doesn’t use it; the man who uses it never sees it.  What is it?

Don’t dwell on what went wrong.  Instead, focus on what to do next. 
Spend your energies on moving forward, toward finding the answer

- Denis Waitley

WARNING: For Educational Purposes Only.
Please do not attempt to answer any of these questions
unless you are willing to learn something.

Mr. B’s “Brain-O” Quiz, Volume 1, page 8

Solutions will be posted on Monday.


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