Friday, July 17, 2015

Mr. B's Brain-O Quiz #16


Mr. B’s “BRAIN-O” Quiz
Guaranteed to unclog clogged up brains!
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Directions: Carefully read and answer the following questions.  Print you answer clearly in the box next to each question.  Questions are worth one zillion nano bonus points each.  However, if you get all five correct, we will double the points for a total of ten zillion nano bonus points.


What was King George VI’s first name?


In Brazil, how many birthdays does the average man have?


Using any combination of parentheses and the operation symbols (+, -, x, and ÷), arrange the numbers 6, 6, 6, 6, and 6 into a mathematical expression equal to 1,111.


What language is spoken in Cannes, France?


On the standard computer or typewriter keyboard the letters are apparently arranged in a random order.  The truth is this arrangement of letters was chosen on purpose.  Why?

A problem well stated is a problem half solved.

- John Dewey

WARNING: For Educational Purposes Only.
Please do not attempt to answer any of these questions
unless you are willing to learn something.
Answers will be posted on Monday.


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