Monday, August 24, 2015

Brain-O Quiz Answers


82,415 is written 1RLB in base 36. 82,415 is a composite, deficient, odd, sphenic and unprimeable  number.  It is an 8,243-gonal number.  It can be expresses as the sum of all of the integers from 110 to 420.  And, it is the short leg of a Pythagorean right triangle:  82,415^2 + 135,844,632^2 = 135,844,657^2.

Answers to Last Fridays Brain-O Quiz:

1.  The man was blind and reading a Braille book.

2.  “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.”

3.  An only son can’t have a brother.

4.  Three.  Even if the first two don’t match (one blue and one black) the next sock has to match one of the first two.

5.  A pound of gold is worth twice as much as a half pound of gold – no matter what denominations of coins are used.

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