Tuesday, September 8, 2015

72 Pencils by George Hart


First some sad news to share with my friends.  I suffered a small stoke at the end of July.  It did not affect my mathematical abilities and interests, but it did result in a right sided weakness.  This includes my right arm in hand, so typing (or keyboarding as the young folk call it) is difficult for me.  The good news is that my rehab is going well, and I am slowing regaining my abilities and my strength.  I will endeavor to continue posting as often as I can.  I appreciate your prayers.

Sometimes, when I want to share some interesting mathematics that I really can't improve on, I will simply share a short description and provide links to appropriate websites.

Sculpture containing 72 pencils by George Hart:  George is a wonderful artist, and incorporates many mathematical ideas in his work. 


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