Sunday, September 6, 2015

Math Joke or True Story - I Wonder


A mathematics professor and a doctor (a medical doctor) are having a discussion on day about their jobs.

The doctor seemed to be doing a lot of complaining about having to tend to medical emergencies in the middle of the night, on weekends, and holidays.

The mathematician said that he did not have to tend to night time, weekend or holiday emergencies in Mathematics.  Then he asked the doctor why he had decided to go into medicine instead of some other field.  The doctor replied that he was really attracted to the idea of saving lives.

The mathematician said, "That's funny.  That's the same reason I decided to go into mathematics."

"I don't understand, just how many lives do you think you have saved by becoming a professor of mathematics?"

"Well, I haven't every counted, but it must be hundreds.  Maybe even thousands."  "I can't believe it has been that many.  How do you come to that conclusion?"  "Well, my work in teaching calculus alone has kept dozens of idiots out of medical schools!"


P.S. Some stuff to think about:

When a mathematician dies, does he get disfigured, dissolved, 
disintegrated or just loose some of his functions?
If a mathematician is neutered does he lose his ability to


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